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For the Multiplayer Level of Farmer's Market, see Farmer's Market (BioShock 2 Multiplayer).
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Arcadia's a big place, but mostly rural. If you're looking for something in particular, I'd start at the Farmer's Market.
― Atlas[src]

The Farmer's Market is the sixth level of BioShock. Jack must go to the market to find the ingredients for the Lazarus Vector to save the forests in Arcadia and lift its lockdown.


Farmer's Market Menu.png
Where everything is fresh!
― Postcard for the Farmer's Market[src]

Established in 1948, the Farmer's Market was a lively and popular marketplace in Rapture, a place folks could go to obtain fresh produce—apples, melons, tomatoes, cheese, and other food products. Even pumpkins could be found being hawked by the vendors of the Farmer's Market. Citizens could stroll through the market's raised walkways, enjoy the wines at Worley Winery, or sample honey produced from the bee hives at the Silverwing Apiary.

When Ryan made the lush green parks of Arcadia only available to those who could afford it, he chose to leave the Farmer's Market open to all. This was likely as to not disrupt the businesses of those who rented space from him there. As the war progressed, each of the stalls were abandoned by their owners, fruit and meat was left behind to rot. Some of the plant life became overgrown throughout the market, the winery began to flood, and the swarms of bees in the apiary now freely turned it into a dangerous den for themselves.


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Jack searches Arcadia for components to form the tree-saving Lazarus Vector, but it's clear he'll need to look elsewhere for the specific items. Atlas suggests he check in the agrarian Farmer's Market for the natural ingredients.

The Main Market[]

Rapture (Farmer's Market) Poster.png

The Main Market is filled with numerous small stores which sold many kinds of produce, including meat, cheese, fruit and vegetables, all now in a state of decay. The area is decorated with Arcadia's pleasant garden theme,  with many trees, charmingly paved cobblestones, and a large grassy open space. Beneath the market there are storage rooms, one of which is flooded and has a not-so-charming Big Daddy corpse propped up against a column. There is also a hackable locked pump room, the code for which is 0512 (Market Maintenance Code).

There is small crawl space door above a Turret in the Main Market area. To gain access, climb the broken beam and walk along the edge of the ceiling beams, jumping the broken set. The crawl space contains some Proximity Mines and several Automatic Hack Tools.

Silverwing Apiary[]

The main entrance to Silverwing Apiary.

The Silverwing Apiary is divided into two sections—a front desk with a counter and cash register, obviously used as a shop, and a large back room full of bee hives, and a large hive suspended from the ceiling. Smoke can be released into the room to calm the bees by flipping one of two switches at the entry to the hive room. A clicking/ticking timer notifies workers of how much time they have left before the smoke clears, going faster as the timer runs out. When it does, the bees return to their aggressive state and attack anyone in the room.

All of the required samples for the Vector can be found by searching the bee hive crates (five) and a safe in the corner containing three more.

Worley Winery[]

The entrance to Worley Winery.

Worley Winery is styled in a provincial French design, with an upstairs area containing wine racks, bar counter, cash register and numerous tables and chairs, and a lower area, the distillery; where the wine is produced and stored in large barrels. There are numerous bottles of distilled water scattered around the winery, which might say something about what really goes into the wine... There is more than enough distilled water around the lower areas to fulfill the Lazarus Vector formula.

A hideout located back in the half-flooded downstairs has a lot of loot, including Photographer's Eye. If the player picks that up, three Trap Bolts will deploy on the walls and block Jack's exit, and several Splicers arrive to attack. If you are using the Natural Camouflage Gene Tonic just be patient and wait, the Splicers will walk right into the Trap Bolts.


This map is interactive. Click on an icon to find out more about it, or choose a tab to see a different map.

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Bot Shutdown
Icon uinvent.png
Physical Tonic.png
Combat Tonic.png

New Discoveries[]

Little Sisters in this Level

Ungathered Icon.png Ungathered Iconq.png

Single Use Events[]

New Plasmids and Gene Tonics (Found)[]

New Plasmids and Tonics (Available at a Gatherer's Garden)[]

Coded Doors[]

  • 0512

Audio Diaries[]

For Radio Messages in Farmer's Market, see Radio Messages: Arcadia - Farmer's Market.
  1. Tasha Denu - Bee Enzyme
  2. Andrew Ryan - Pulling Together
  3. Brigid Tenenbaum - Hatred
  4. Andrew Ryan - Desperate Times
  5. Pierre Gobbi - Water in Wine
  6. Brigid Tenenbaum - Functional Children
  7. Brigid Tenenbaum - ADAM Explained
  8. Andrew Ryan - First Encounter


Extended Walkthrough
  • This walkthrough is a continuation from Arcadia. Return there when done.


  • General note: There is only one (non-bugged) Little Sister in this level, and while it is a relatively small level, this still means that a disproportionately large amount of explosive gasoline barrels and oxygen tanks are present in it. Don't waste ammunition by instantly attacking the Big Daddy/Little Sister pair you see in the Market. Instead, use telekinesis to hoard all of the explosives from throughout the level. A great choke point is on the bottom level of the market, near the vending machines which are down the stairs from the rocket turret. There is already a flammable gasoline patch on the floor in this choke point, as well as a few explosive barrels, but gather them all. Rarely does the game provide such a high concentration of explosives per Big Daddy fight, and with such a good choke point. Move Splicer corpses around the pile of explosives to lure the Little Sister there. If possible, hack the rocket turret instead of destroying it, then make sure you're on the stairs-side of the choke point when you spring the trap—i.e. by waiting for the Big Daddy to get close enough then launching a grenade. That way you can quickly retreat back up the stairs with supporting fire from the rocket turret. Even so, with this dense of a concentration of explosives in a confined space (over a dozen, maybe two) the initial explosion might outright kill the Big Daddy in a single instant. On some occasions the explosion is so big that it kills the Big Daddy instantly, and sends his burning corpse flying across the room. It's one of the more satisfying potential Big Daddy traps in the game.
  • There is an extra little sister on the level that can be reached. See the Farmer's Market section of the Extra Little Sister Bug page for more details.
  • Recording: "Bee Enzyme". Corpse: first Enzyme Sample of seven needed.
  • Through the door, an RPG Turret to the right is killing a Houdini. Take pics.
  • Go right and decoy/zap-hack the Turret. Pick up two Frag Grenades and a Proximity Mine.
    • On rare play-throughs, the Turret may get destroyed by the Splicer.
    • If so, restart this section, as the Turret can be a valuable ally.
  • A Splicer is behind the bar on the left.
    • Firing a Target Dummy at the right end of the bar draws him out for the Turret and the player's camera.
    • Fire a Proxy Mine into the middle of the hall by that bar/counter.
  • Down the stairs: EVE, Frag Grenade, EVE Link 2, Circus of Values ("CoV") , U-Invent.
  • Splicer-Bot pair appears on crosswalk.
    • If the player's shot does not kill him, he usually runs back down the hall.
    • The Proximity Mine previously deployed plus the Turret should finish him.
    • If the Splicer is not dead, his Bot will come after Jack.
  • Nook to right: First Aid Kit ("FAK"), Gene Bank.
  • Follow the wall to the right around to arrive under stairs with a crate of components.
  • Lots of Splicers attack. Shooting out some Proxy Mines first may help.
  • Room with lock. Code is 0512:
  • Counter area:
    • Cash, Bandages.
    • Left room: Audio Diaries: First Encounter, Hatred. Various loot.
    • Right room: Splicer, EVE, Distilled Water, U-Invent (Easy).
  • Go up the stairs and just inside the first doors on the right:
    • There's a Rosie-Splicer battle going on, but if the player stops to take pics a Security Camera will spot Jack.
    • Run across the room to some crates and climb them to a crawl space door.
    • This crawl space has no loot, but comes out below the Security Camera.
    • Hack the camera. If the BD is still around, take pics.
    • Safe: Medium. Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds, $70, components.
    • Lockbox and cash register: components.
  • Jump the counter into the room one first ran through to the crawl space:
    • Electric Buck, cash, ammo, Film.
    • 2nd crawlspace: Audio Diary: Desperate Times. Crates: ammo, components.
  • If there's a Big Daddy around with a Little Sister, photo and kill.
  • Go back through the other doors, down the hall, turn left to get to the doors on the right.
  • Room with a Machine Gun Turret:
    • Zap-hack when doors open.
    • FAK on table.
    • Safe: Very Difficult. Liquid Nitrogen, 4 Frag Grenades, 20 Antipersonnel Auto Rounds.
    • Walk up a beam by the Turret, around the room, jump over the broken section
    • Crawlspace: 3 Proximity Mines, 2 Automatic Hack Tools.
      • If the player can't carry them, pick them up with Telekinesis ("TK") and drop them on the floor below.
  • Halls:
    • Hack or shoot the Health Station.
    • Hack the Security Camera around the next corner to the left.
    • Audio Diary on counter: Pulling Together.
    • Go back through the doors to the left of the Health Station.
    • Go down the hall and turn left to the bulkhead door. Distilled Water on floor.
    • Audio Diary: Water In Wine.
    • Go down the glass passage and take the first left.
    • Take pictures of the Splicer getting stung, and back off before the bees attack Jack.
    • After the doors close, go back and enter the room.

Silverwing Apiary

  • The goal is to get seven Bee Enzymes. One of them is found on the corpse at the beginning of the level.
  • Gatherer's Garden to the left, Gene Bank to the right.
  • Counter: 2 Pep Bars, Audio Diary: ADAM Explained, Electric Buck, 00 Buck.
  • Smoker Control Platform:
    • Always turn on the smoker before entering the hive room.
    • Every time the player searches a hive, a Splicer will arrive, so search one hive at a time.
    • Picking up loot does not spawn a Splicer, though.
    • Never use fire-based attacks in the room, as it may cause a swarm of bees to come out and attack Jack, smoke or no smoke.
    • Set Cyclone Traps or Proximity Mines across the platform and/or fetch some gas tanks to shoot/throw.
  • Left side of the hive room:
    • Go past the green light and turn left around the hive.
    • Safe: $50 and 3 enzymes (#2-#4). (This does not spawn a Splicer.)
    • Go to the table in the corner with an EVE Hypo: second hive to the right of the Hypo (#5).
    • Return to the platform and finish off the Splicer if it's still alive.
    • Make sure traps are set on both sides of platform.
    • Go to the back of the room, turn right, look right. Pick up Frags from table.
    • Check the hive to the right of the Frags (#6). Go back.
  • Right side of hive room:
    • Go straight out, check the hive behind the one to the left (#7). Return.
    • The player should have seven by now. If one wants to continue looting:
      • Pick up a corpse with TK, use it to short the trap on right.
        • Go on to the back, turn left: hive to right of post (#8). Return.
      • Opposite the previous hive is a FAK on a table. Hive to its left (#9).

Worley Winery

  • Main Area:
    • Go around to the right and zap-hack the Turret around left of corner.
    • Back out, go around to the left and zap-hack the Security Camera.
    • Safe: 2 Distilled Water ("DW"), 5 Alcohol, $140.
    • DW is on the floor to the left.
    • Tables to the right: Audio Diary: Functional Children.
    • Continue to a crate with EVE (and a Pac Man tribute) beside it.
    • CoV in the back.
  • Down to Halls:
    • Through the door on the left, use TK to fetch a bottle of DW.
    • Pick up a barrel with TK to knock down the trap wire.
    • Hang on to the barrel to fire at an approaching Splicer.
    • Pick up a barrel and go round the corner.
    • Splicer bursts out from the right, another at the end. Barrel them both.
    • Big Daddy wanders by. Get pics.
    • Splicer may be chased downstairs by Bots—photograph them all.
    • Take the first right to find a bottle of DW.
    • Continue on the original path and go left to a U-Invent. DW is on the floor.
    • (DW is needed for making Electric Gel. Keep searching for all that is available).
  • Downstairs:
    • Go straight through some falling water to a Power to the People station.
    • Opposite is DW on a crate.
    • Exit through the left and go straight to hack a Security Camera.
    • DW on the right.
    • Go back the way one came and follow the wall around to the right.
    • Go past a Gene Bank to a shed with a pier. Set traps in front of the pier.
    • Inside shack: Napalm, 2 DW, EVE, Photographer's Eye.
    • Picking up the Gene Tonic causes Trap Bolts to spring from the walls, trapping the player inside the shack while several Splicers come to attack Jack.
    • Kill them and pick up their corpses to knock down the wires.
      • Alternatively, if one has Natural Camouflage, simply stand still and wait.
      • The Splicers will enter the shack and step into their own Trap Bolts, clearing the way for the player as well as killing them.
    • Continue and stay on the left wall, taking the passageway to the left.
    • Circle the next room picking up a bottle of DW.
Note, when in the distillery area, a body with $100 will float under the grating. A splash can be heard when moving near it. Pick it up with TK and loot it.
  • Switch to the Chemical Thrower and load it with Napalm.
  • As the player exits the Winery, a Houdini Splicer will appear behind them.
  • Turn quickly and Napalm her.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 2

The Farmer's Market was one of the key locations suggested for Atlas and his followers to attack when they set in motion their plan to terrorize the city.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • As seen above, early concept art for the Farmer's Market shows a poster of a hand offering an orange with the text "Have One". It was not used in the final game, but makes a reappearance in a texture for the multiplayer version of the map.
  • While debating whether the concept of a farmers' market had existed during Rapture's time period (which was inconclusive), developer Jean-Paul LeBreton bemoaned the anachronistic use of the Arial font with text effects on the sign. He further elaborated on an earlier version of the Farmer's Market sign which looked "beautiful", but unfortunately had to be redone in a hurry. His co-presenters subsequently joked that he and Jake Etgeton as "armchair type nerds" should install a mod which replaces the text font with Comic Sans, Curlz MT, or Papyrus.[1]
  • Developer Jean-Paul LeBreton remarks on this area:
    • "The Farmer's Market was originally about twice as large with two somewhat symmetrical halves, one of which was cut for production as well as navigability reasons. I recall the Silverwing Apiary came into being around this time as well, partly as a way to justify the "enzyme samples" the player needed to collect for the Lazarus Vector, and partly because we'd just cooked up the plasmid that would become Insect Swarm."
    • "The dead/living state of the level is tracked globally, so if you bother to go back to the Farmer's Market after reviving the forest, it will be green and vibrant as expected."
    • "In January of 2007 we were very busy building out all the game's scripted moments. Arcadia had a ton of space to keep me busy, so our lead designer Paul Hellquist took over the Market level for about a month. Several touches and good fights are thanks to him, including an intense Houdini/Big Daddy battle and the crawlspace secret nooks. The dead bodies hanging in the crawlspace behind one stall were his idea; I vaguely remember it suggesting that there was a serial killer loose around the time Rapture fell, but nothing ever came of it..."
    • "As I recall Market is the only map in the game to feature the "Pigskin" Splicer visual type, ie the crazy football players. They were in other levels in earlier versions of the game, but other level designers complained that they didn't fit the theme of their levels, and Market was where they ended up..."
    • "One of my biggest regrets about Market is that I had the memory to spare (on consoles, where memory is usually quite tight) for an "Epstein the Swami" coin-op fortune telling machine, but I didn't get around to putting one in before. To restore my karma in this matter, I made sure that Ryan Amusements in BioShock 2 had one in its gift shop."
    • "...the Market level once had two entrances and exits, one at the bulkhead and one in the cellar [of Worley Winery] that popped you back out into the Rolling Hills. The latter was cut mainly because it made the mission scripting more complicated."
    • "In the first few versions of Arcadia, the bathysphere station to Fort Frolic (or "Recreation Deck" as it was called in those days) was off the southeast corner of the Farmer's Market, where there's now a nook with a Vita-Chamber in it. It became clear that a trek back across most of the map after you'd healed the forest was boring and redundant, and once we knew the single big die-off event had to happen in the Rolling Hills near Langford's lab."[2]