Augustus Sinclair Title Farther to Fall
Speaker Augustus Sinclair
Level Siren Alley
Farther to Fall
AD gNr057-lNr02 Augustus Sinclair - Farther to Fall f0119
Transcript: I do love Siren Alley. The kind of place you go to scratch an itch you're ashamed of -- even in a town with no laws. But that's not why I favor it. The place started out as the mason's quarter, all builder an' architects, proper as you please. An' it just tickles me when someone in a fancy hat falls in the mud. Like a lot of the ladies down here, Siren Alley was born with a more respectable name... but only God remembers what it was.

Location: Next to a Power to the People machine in the Mermaid Lounge. NOTE: Can only accessed before the flood.

AD gNr057-lNr02 Augustus Sinclair - Farther to Fall f0120

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