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…hey, we could pop the corks off all the stuffed shirts down at the Kashmir Restaurant!
― Felix Molloy[src]

Felix Molloy was a citizen of Rapture and a former employee of Frank Fontaine. He was a prisoner in Fontaine's Department Store with the rest of Fontaine's followers, where he soon joined Atlas.


Life imprisoned in the department store was intolerable. Molloy, like many others, turned to Atlas, the charismatic, man-of-the-people fisherman for survival. Atlas united the other prisoners so that they could work together at organizing resources and fight off the Splicers who were beyond reasoning with. He also channeled the rage that many of the prisoners felt against the upperclass of Rapture who had banished them to the bottom of the sea.

While working for Atlas, Molloy was given a very important task: to figure out where they would attack first when they escaped from the prison. He had some ideas about where, such as Arcadia on Valentine's Day, Fort Frolic on the 5th of November or the upcoming New Year's Eve party at the Kashmir Restaurant.[1]

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

Rapture Map BATE2

Felix' map.

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Felix Molloy was at the time Elizabeth ventures through Bathyspheres DeLuxe, in the Test-Drive (which now houses the majority of the weapons, stored there by Atlas), among others of Atlas' men. He was the doorman to the lower portion of the Test-Drive and if Elizabeth tries to enter without Atlas permission, she will be denied access. When Elizabeth is guided there to get Old Man Winter, Felix opens the door and orders Elizabeth not to take anything else. Molloy took his task seriously and set up a map of Rapture on which he labeled out possible targets for the attack, which Elizabeth can observe on her way to the Plasmid. Leaving the door open after Elizabeth, Splicers manages to infiltrate the Test-Drive and Molloy is killed.

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