The ox cannot become a lion. And why would you want to? Who wants all those responsibilities and worry? You do your job, you eat your food, you go to sleep. Simplicity is beauty.
― Fink Propaganda with visuals via Mosquito[src]

The Finkton Wharf Shipping Docks, Finkton Docks for short, are a sub-district of Finkton, where airships dock and cargo is deposited. It acts as a port where raw materials are brought in and the products made by Fink Manufacturing are shipped out to parts of Columbia by cargo barges. This is also the entry point of new workers in Finkton.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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On the docks.

Previously in Soldier's Field, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth made it to the First Lady's Aerodrome and set off on The First Lady. Everything looked like smooth sailing until Elizabeth realized the airship's destination was not Paris as she had hoped, but New York. When Booker moved to console the upset girl, she knocked him out with a nearby wrench.

While on the floor, Booker fades in and out of consciousness. Amidst the sound of spirituals, he witnesses Elizabeth attempting to navigate the controls, Vox Populi gondolas flying up alongside the ship, Elizabeth departing the craft, and the Vox overtaking The First Lady. When he comes to, Booker meets Daisy Fitzroy, the leader of the Vox Populi. Booker demands the dirigible be returned to him. Daisy delivers an ultimatum: find the gunsmith loyal to the Vox cause in Finkton and get needed guns and ammo to the Vox Populi in exchange for the aircraft. Booker is then dropped out of the ship.


A sign of better things to come?

He lands in Beggar's Wharf and sets out to find Elizabeth, regain the zeppelin, and complete his mission. Fink Manufacturing propaganda can be seen via speakers and screens, while workers scrub floors and crates. Finkton Docks serves as the gateway to the rest of Finkton, particularly the Plaza of Zeal.

Beggar's WharfEdit

Beggar's Wharf is a large port located at the Finkton Docks. It is adorned with a large color image of Fink and projectors displaying Fink propaganda. It is used as a cargo depot and a warehouse.

Fort FranklinEdit

Fort Franklin is a military outpost of the Columbia Authority located in Finkton. It consists of a single, tower-like structure connected to the Finkton Docks and flanked by massive golden statues of Columbia soldiers. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth briefly pass through Fort Franklin shortly after arriving at the Finkton Docks.

Worker Induction Center dockEdit

The Worker Induction Center of Finkton Proper is the primary area where workers seek employment at Finkton.

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