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The First Lady's Memorial is the largest exhibit in the Hall of Heroes, a museum of Columbia. It is dedicated to Lady Comstock, the wife of Zachary Hale Comstock.



Memorial of Our LadyEdit


Lady Comstock's Memorial.

The first room, the "Memorial of Our Lady," contains a large portrait of Lady Comstock and a statue called "The Lady and Child" depicting Lady Comstock holding an infant Elizabeth on a chariot.

The Transport of the ChildEdit


Comstock and Elizabeth at Monument Island.

The second room, "The Transport of the Child," depicts a statue of Zachary Comstock carrying the infant Elizabeth to the tower on Monument Island in order to protect her from Daisy Fitzroy following the death of Lady Comstock.

The Murder of Our LadyEdit

BioI Hall of Heroes First Lady's Memorial The Murder of Our Lady

The Murder of Our Lady

The third room, "The Murder of Our Lady," depicts the circumstances of Lady Comstock's death in which a statue of a praying Lady Comstock remained ignorant of a brooding Daisy Fitzroy, the alleged murderer of Lady Comstock, awaiting behind a hallway preparing to strangle her mistress with a red knot.

The Vengeance of the ProphetEdit

BioShock Infinite - Hall of Heroes - First Lady's Memorial - Comstock's Vengeance f0793

Comstock's Vengeance.

The final room, "The Vengeance of the Prophet," depicts a battle between Zachary Comstock and Daisy Fitzroy. Comstock chases Fitzroy and her Vox Populi off the edge, and they all fall into the fiery pits of Hell.

Exhibit transcriptEdit

Lo! While Daisy Fitzroy has murdered my beloved, she shall not have the child! She shall not come betwixt her and prophecy! The Seed of the Prophet shall sit the throne, and drown in flame the mountains of man!
― The Transport of the Child display[src]

Exhibit plaquesEdit

Lady Comstock and the Miracle ChildEdit

The Seed of the Prophet lay in the womb of our Lady but for a single week. But the child took ill, and our Lady prayed for the Prophet's heir day and night.

The Seed of the ProphetEdit

The Prophet took his seed to a place of refuge.

Lady Comstock's MurderEdit

The cruel murder of our dear Lady Comstock at the hands of the anarchist Daisy Fitzroy.

Comstock's VengeanceEdit

The Prophet, bearer of the sword, brought his wrath down upon Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi. He pursues them relentlessly to this day.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New VigorEdit



Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The music playing in Lady Comstock's memorial are pieces from Mozart's Requiem ("Lacrimosa", "Agnus Dei", "Rex Tremendae", and "Confutatis").
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