Diary 11
We worship the sword, so that we might avenge you. We worship the raven, so that we might cover the city with eyes. We worship the coffin, because it symbolizes the weight of our failure.
― First Zealot[src]

This male citizen of Columbia, known only under the alias First Zealot, was the founder of the Fraternal Order of the Raven, affiliated with The Founders Party.


Being the founder, he was one of the lead contributors in laying out the basis of the cult's ideology. On January the 6th, 1912 (exactly half a year before the events of BioShock Infinite), he made a recording explaining why the organization worship the three symbols (the sword, the raven and the coffin) in Lady Comstock's memory.[1] It is highly possible, judging by his name and ranking, that he is a Zealot of the Lady, also known as a Crow.


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