Mr. DeWitt, welcome to Finkton.
― Flambeau[src]

Mr. Flambeau is a citizen of Columbia and Jeremiah Fink's assistant, who briefly helps Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite.

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BioShock Infinite[edit | edit source]

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If Booker chooses not to throw the ball at Fink during the raffle and instead chooses to throw the ball at the interracial couple, Flambeau can be found in the Dimwit & Duke Arcade area of Battleship Bay. He will present Booker with a random Gear, stating that it was sent at the behest of Mr. Fink.

Immediately before entering the Plaza of Zeal in Finkton Proper, Booker and Elizabeth come across Flambeau, who provides them with a Hand Cannon, a Phial of Salts, a Medical Kit, a set of Lockpicks, and a purse of Silver Eagles at the behest of his employer. He says that the supplies are to aid Booker through the area, but refuses to provide any further details.

Flambeau's scalp is later seen on a board among the other scalps collected by the Vox Populi in Emporia, showing that they had killed him during their raid on Finkton.

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Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Although Booker cannot shoot Flambeau, he can melee him. For example, if Booker has the Burning Halo Gear equipped, Flambeau will still scream in pain as he is lit on fire. He will not become hostile, and also moves his mouth as if he was talking normally.[1]
  • The description for Flambeau in the BioShock Infinite Signature Series Guide reads: "When one wants to make the best of impressions, one sends Flambeau. With impeccable manners and even finer style, Flambeau is the quintessential gentleman's gentleman. Industrialist Jeremiah Fink employs Flambeau as a personal assistant. Those who encounter him are struck by his generosity, discretion, and expertly folded pocket square."[2]

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