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Flann McDonagh is a nephew of Rapture city councilman Bill McDonagh who noticed his disappearance during the time period of the Vanishing. In There's Something in the Sea, he wrote a reply to The Monthly Undergrounder in June 1968 about their article on the Vanishing. He mentions his Uncle's connection to Andrew Ryan and suggests that this is the true connection between all those who "vanished."[1]


June 1968
the monthly undergrounder

Fringe Thinking

I'll admit your piece on The Vanishing ("The
Original Drop-Outs," June '68) was fascinating but
I, for one, can't figure out what the flippin' mystery is.
My uncle vanished during this time period. Now,
everyone always claims that the "best and brightest"
were taken. That sure doesn't describe my Uncle Bill
(unless by the "best and brightest," you mean the
brass fittings he insisted on using in all his
plumbing jobs!) But my sainted uncle does share
something in common with many of the other
"Vanished." He was one of the hundreds who fell
under the spell of fat-cat Andrew Ryan's B.S. phi-
losophy. Ryan was notorious for his screeds against
the Church, the State and anyone who would rob a
man of "the sweat of his brow." It's been clear to me
for a long time that a bunch of these "Ryanist"
buffoons — possibly including Ryan himself —
packed off to parts unknown and put their
"philo$ophy" to the test. My guess? The narcissistic
found out the hard way that self-interest
(i.e., "greed") is a lousy foundation for a society.
Long may they rot!

Flann McDonagh
Brooklyn, NY


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