Sofia Lamb.png Title Flawed Vessel
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Outer Persephone
Transcript: After careful analysis, I've concluded that the flaw with my plot wasn't in the process, but the vessel: Alexander's genetic makeup was too weak, inappropriate for the first utopian. He was too old, he'd spliced too much.. and his biology was never meant to carry life. The responsibility, the honor, then, falls to my own daughter, Eleanor Lamb. ADAM containing all the memories of Rapture's greatest minds will enter her. She will be the birthing ground of the collective. My greatest regret is that she will suffer through this process, unbearably. But in the end, she will be perfect; she will be all of us. I will make her so.

Location: Removed audio diary found in the localization texts and associated with the audio file EDN_L_Lamb_Log03.

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