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AudioLog FlorenceBaxter

God knows how boring it must be to grow up in Rapture.
― Florence Baxter[src]

Florence Baxter is a citizen of Rapture and the supervisor of the Service Bay at Bathyspheres DeLuxe in Fontaine's Housewares department.


In 1957, Baxter was forced to have a coded Number Lock installed on the control room doors of the Bay, after several intruders broke in during the night, in the form of bored, amorous teenagers. She felt sympathy for them, imagining how life for the Rapture youth must be. Still, the damage done on the equipment, like on the hydraulic lifts used as "make-out" spots, was too costly for the business and the necessary precautions were made.[1]

Audio Diary[]

Burial at Sea - Episode 2[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Florence Baxter's voice actress, Jennifer Hale, also provided the voice for Rosalind Lutece.


  1. Florence Baxter's Audio Diary: Hooligans