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Folly of Dionysus.

Old traumas run deep. Doctor Sofia Lamb invites you to Dionysus Park, a place where we might cast off the shackles of the Self through communion with art, nature, and play. When you are ready to meet the new you, give yourself over to the Folly of Dionysus.
― Level description

The Folly of Dionysus is a retooled environment from the BioShock 2 single player campaign, and it is the fifth level of The Protector Trials downloadable content. It is based on the Chase Carousel in Dionysus Park.

General Tips[]

Types of Enemies Encountered[]

Vending Machines[]

  • Circus of Values, located under the small gallery and near the staircase leading to it, which is southeast of the ADAM Corpse.
  • El Ammo Bandito, located next to the stuck door on the western wall.
  • 1 Health Station, located to the right of the ADAM Corpse, over a puddle of water.


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ADAM corpseGene BankEl Ammo BanditoHealth StationCircus of ValuesLittle SisterPT Folly of Dionysos.png
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Circus of
El Ammo
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Little Sister
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Power to the
People Machine
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Trial One[]

  • Hack all the the Health Station and the Vending Machines
  • Place Decoy on either side of the column.
  • Use Drill Dash (RT + B) for close to medium range.
  • Use Grenades for mid to long range.
  • To refill - wait for a lull in the action, lay down a proximity mine on your Little Sister and go.
  • Stun Splicers that get too close to the Little Sister with Electro Bolt, and charge it up when too many get near.

Trial Two[]

  • Hack Vending Machines and Health Station to make things easier to access when low on ammo or Health.
  • For easy money - set a few Spear Gun traps in front of the spawn doors.
  • Use the Hypnotize plasmid on Splicers as soon as you see them; though you should use it when they are in groups as well.
  • Refill time - wait for a lull in the action. Set a few spear traps around your Little Sister and then go.
  • Use Decoy 2 to have enemies damage themselves. It is recommended to put them next to the Little Sister, though not too close.
  • Use Phosphorus Bucks to take out enemies with ease by setting them on fire, though one should use them sparingly.
  • Use Trap Rivets near the doors and near the Little Sister, though do not use them as a weapon to headshot enemies, as they will not do as much damage as a normal Rivet.

Trial Three[]

  • Try to stand in the water in front of the Health Station as much as possible.  This will regenerate the player's health and EVE due to the Fountain of Youth Tonic.
  • Charge Cyclone Traps with Electro Bolt and Incinerate! for greater damage, and place some on walls near the Little Sister for better protection, and one any walls that seem appropriate to catch Splicers.
  • Place three traps in front and two traps behind your Little Sister. Decoy 3 will soak up damage and heal you as well.
  • If one does get hurt, they may let loose an elemental burst, dealing a lot of damage.
  • Use Incinerate! 3 to damage enemies from afar, and charge it up to use it against crowds of enemies to roast them to death.
  • Use Electro Bolt 3 to stun enemies that get too close to the Little Sister, and stun many more by charging it up.
  • Use Fountain of Youth to regenerate your health in a puddle that the Circus of Values is in.
  • Use all of your charged-up plasmids to get a lot of Health back, due to one having Elemental Vampire.

Note: This is a special Trial, in that there is no cash reward for killing Splicers, and both vending machines are broken. It is also the only all-Plasmid trial in the game.