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Fort Franklin Overview

Fort Franklin Overview.

Defending our values.
― Columbia Authority

Fort Franklin is a military outpost of the Columbia Authority located in Finkton, Columbia. It consists of a single, tower-like structure connected to the Finkton Docks and flanked by massive golden statues of Columbia soldiers. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth briefly pass through Fort Franklin shortly after arriving at the Finkton Docks.

BioShock Infinite[]

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BI Archway Tear

Elizabeth is about to be captured.

As Booker pursues Elizabeth through the dock area, she opens a Tear at a warehouse wall shared with Fort Franklin, exposing a reality where the wall is an open archway. Two soldiers spot her and take her away so she can be returned to Zachary Hale Comstock, causing Elizabeth to lose focus and close the Tear before Booker can follow.

Fort Franklin Pier[]

Booker heads out to the pier and hears the sound of Elizabeth struggling with her captors. As the soldiers of the fort place Elizabeth in the elevator to take her to the holding cells and summon a Handyman to transport her to Comstock, Booker arrives and eliminates them and several waves of reinforcements.

The main floor of the fort is an open-air platform, heaped with piles of contraband seized from accused Vox Populi sympathizers, along with a pair of stocks that each hold a prisoner. There's a jail cell on the lower level which houses a pair of prisoners and an Infusion. An elevator and a closed-loop Sky-Line provide access to the second level of the fort, which includes an office area and holding cells for other prisoners as well as a Dollar Bill and Veni! Vidi! Vigor! machine.

After Booker opens the elevator, Elizabeth creates a Tear that pulls a new Sky-Line into existence and flees. Booker follows her but runs into a Handyman, who picks him up and tosses him from the fort like a ragdoll. Booker plummets through the air, but Elizabeth summons a zeppelin, saving him from certain death. After a tense negotiation, the two rejoin on the docks in front of the Worker Induction Center, but Elizabeth still doesn't fully trust Booker.

New Discoveries[]


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