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Hey guys :)

I'm new to the forum and just had a couple of questions on Bioshock 2. I've completed it back in 2012 but some weird things are happening this time around.

1.) I remember encountering the first real big sister in the middle of the hall (next to journey to the surface) in Ryan amusements in my first playthrough. I had the 3 loud screams and she chased me all over the whole hall. She was quite sharp and jumping all over the place. All the big sister battles were like this.

The really strange thing is that this time I encountered her in the middle of a room next door, and she was just standing there daydreaming with her back faced to me lol. She wasn't doing anything and I only heard one scream this time. Then when I attacked her she barely did anything, threw a couple of rocks at me and was dead pretty quick. Definitely the least tense and easier big sister encounter I've had! I've had the 3 screams and the usual madness since this encounter which is good :)

I've read the big sister section on wiki but this still looks weird to me. Is it just randomness implemented into the game or some kind of one-off bug?

2.) Recent development since the above. I started to have a fight with the Big Sister at the end of Dionysus Park, where a couple of splicers started attacking her too and she died in less then 10 seconds!

Thanks guys