Eleanor Lamp Portrait Title Freeing Father
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Outer Persephone
Freeing Father
AD gNr111-lNr04 Eleanor Lamb - Freeing Father f0235

Eleanor Lamb: We've done it. Father is back... right under Mother's nose. I've contacted a woman named Tenenbaum through my Sisters. We worked out a way to free his mind inside that suit... to awaken the man inside the monster. Mother's entire belief structure is corrupt -- and if I know one thing about Father, it's that he will believe in escape.

Sofia Lamb: Eleanor. It is time for you to accept your duty to the people. When you awake... you'll understand...

Eleanor: No! Get away from me!

Location: Under Eleanor's bed in the Quarantine Chamber.

AD gNr111-lNr04 Eleanor Lamb - Freeing Father f0236

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The audio diary must be taken while visiting the Quarantine Room as a Little Sister. Otherwise the audio diary will be inaccessible to Subject Delta as the room becomes locked.
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