Frozen Field is a Gene Tonic featured in BioShock. It serves to protect the player from cold damage and enhances attacks made with the Wrench. It also covers the wrench in frost, and creates a small cloud of ice vapor around the player's lower body, although this is purely aesthetic.

Frozen Field 2 Icon


The two levels of Tonics can be stacked for a 45% reduction in incoming cold damage, 30 extra points of cold damage with the Wrench per hit and a 30% chance of freezing an enemy per hit. The cold damage reduction is not as useful as the fire and electrical damage reduction provided by Human Inferno and Electric Flesh, respectively, as enemy sources of cold damage are much rarer than electric or fire damage: only a few Houdini Splicers and one of Fontaine's final forms uses cold damage.

Players are advised to be careful with the freezing effect, as frozen enemies shatter when hit and leave no corpse to be looted. This is a tonic that is only worth using in a difficulty mode where scavenging is not essential, as such it is not advised to use it in Hard or Survivor modes.

However, it can still be effective, allowing the smarter player to take more time in combat without panicking by hitting an enemy until he freezes, then hitting the other until it happens again and keep going like that until the fight is over. As such, it is most useful for Thuggish Splicers and Spider Splicers who tend to bunch up in a fight against the player, thus evening the odds.