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Jack Frozen

Jack encounters Martin in the Frozen Tunnel.

The Frozen Tunnel is a location in BioShock. It leads to Fort Frolic's Poseidon Plaza.


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Here, Jack will find Martin Finnegan, a Houdini Splicer and former disciple of Sander Cohen.

When entering the central room, Finnegan will encase Jack in ice. Once Jack thaws out, Finnegan, posing as a frozen statue, will attack when Jack gets close enough to him. While Finnegan is alive however, unfreezing the nearby Splicers will make them attack Finnegan.

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  • In the tunnel just before the room you fight Finnegan in, there is a grate on the floor that will display the subtitle "Unknown Item" when pointed at with the cursor. Only three other in-game objects have this subtitle; a painting in Cohen's Collection, the pipes on top of the central misting control console in Langford Research Laboratories, and a piece of rebar in Rapture Records.
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