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Fussy Cat Can
Keep your cat happy!
― Fussy Cat Cat Food[src]

Fussy Cat Cat Food is a brand of cat food made in Rapture.


Main article: BioShock

Empty cans can be found in various places throughout the city. According to the label on the can, the contents are as follows:

  • Soy bean extract - for oil
  • Sulfer dioxide - for food preservation
  • Green dye #54 - for color
  • Potato skins - for flavor
  • Orange peels - for flavor
  • Random road kill - for flavor
  • Orange dye #32 - for color

Included on the label is a warning, which says, "Caution, may contain peanut or peanut products. Some cats do not like peanuts and may cause your cat to become extra fussy. If cat becomes fussy, induce vomiting until peanut butter hairball is removed or else call a veterinarian."

BioShock 2[]

Main article: BioShock 2

In BioShock 2, this cat food's name and logo is slightly changed. It is now named "Aloof Cat Food", and a monocle has been placed over the previously feminine eye to make the cat look masculine, with an intense look.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • This product is clearly a joke on the designers' part. The warning label pokes fun at the fact that most food products in some way contain peanuts.
  • If one would look at a can with the art subtitles on, it will read: Pussy Cat Cat Food.