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A view of the Gallery Entrance when facing the Train Station entrance.

Dionysus Park was owned by Sofia Lamb, chief. Sort of a private retreat for her social experiments. One night it flooded, killin' all her guests.
― Augustus Sinclair[src]

The Gallery Entrance (also known as the Atrium) is one of the main thoroughfares of Dionysus Park. Subject Delta is required to pass through here during the events of BioShock 2.


When guests would arrive at Dionysus Park, the Gallery Entrance would be the first place they would see after leaving the train station. The Entrance displayed a few large paintings and was opulently decorated. In the center of the room two shallow pools surrounded two dramatic statues, both of which were flanked by rows of pillars. To the rear of the gallery, a large waterfall depicting a landscape completed the room. From here, visitors to the park could gain access to the train station, the Promenade and Triton Cinema. The Gallery Entrance was badly damaged during the flooding of Dionysus Park. A bulkhead on the right side of the staircase has become blocked by materials brought in by the flood waters.

BioShock 2[]

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When Subject Delta arrives, he finds the Gallery Entrance in rough shape. The floor and pools are buried in sand, the skylights are covered in mud, and most of the pillars have fallen. Though the paintings are ruined and the metalworks have tarnished, the Circus of Values and Health Station in the room are still in operation. An ADAM corpse and Stanley Poole's Audio Diary "Lamb Flouts the System " are located to the side of the room. After returning from the Triton Cinema, Subject Delta will find a group of Splicers congregating in the middle of the room.

New Discoveries[]

Audio Diary[]

  1. Stanley Poole - Lamb Flouts the System - By a trashcan near the statues.