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Gardener Delux Modern

The entrance is found in the Southern Mall.

Quality Products. Guaranteed.
― Display window sign[src]

Gardner Delux Modern is a retail clothing store located in upscale consumer areas throughout Rapture.


B1 Poseidon GardnerDelux

Gardner Delux Modern in Poseidon Plaza.

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The most well known shops are located in Fort Frolic, specifically in the Southern Mall and the lower floor of Poseidon Plaza. It is the only closed store in the Southern Mall area. The door at the entrance has malfunctioned and is left ajar. From outside the store, Jack's visibility of the interior is limited by the security gate and the size of the gap in the door. A lamp lying on the floor provides the only light for the closed business. A deceased Splicer rests next to the lamp with his head in the doorway. Other than a pile of trash, some old newspapers, and a First Aid Kit, the rest of the room remains vacant.

The shop in the plaza is completely inaccessible and has no valuables in its display windows. The partially collapsed ceiling and wall directly outside the store may hint to the damage inside.

Items found in Gardner Delux Modern

Challenge RoomsEdit

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Another Gardner Delux Modern shop appears in the small shopping plaza of Rapture's Grand Carnival in the downloadable content Challenge Room "A Shocking Turn of Events". While it was impossible to tell what kind of merchandise was sold by the Modern in the first game, here the store is unmistakably a clothing shop, thanks to the apparel in the display window. Unfortunately, this one is also locked and has nothing of value to collect. 

BioShock 2 MultiplayerEdit

B2 Multi GardnerDeluxModern Entrance

The Gardner Delux Mordern in Multiplayer.

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A Gardner Delux Modern is seen in the multiplayer version of Fort Frolic. The store, like most of the stores in Fort Frolic, is closed due to the civil war. Before closing, there apparently was a sale for up to 50%. The display window has both a men's blazer and a female dress form indicating the Gardner Delux Modern catered to both men and women. An EVE Hypo rests on the side of the window.



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Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The name "Gardner Delux Modern" is a reference to Bill Gardner, the Lead Level Designer of BioShock.[1]


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