Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title Generation
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Adonis Luxury Resort
AD gNr006-lNr06 Andrew Ryan - Generation f0012
Transcript: (Short sigh) Diane insisted that we spend a weekend at the Adonis, and already I find myself seeking a respite from my vacation. When she deems it necessary to chide me for working, the words dissolve into an endless, animal bleat. I founded Rapture to be free of law and god... to live among those for whom work is our wage! Yet, when Diane speaks of bearing my child... I am given pause. Until now, I had never considered my legacy. Perhaps... perhaps after the New Year.

Location: On the counter of the Cocktail Lounge in the room furthest to the right on the map, 1st floor.

AD gNr006-lNr06 Andrew Ryan - Generation f0013

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