Dieter Sonnekalb's Ghost

The ghosts of Dieter Sonnekalb and Angelina in Arcadia.

Seems like some poor blighters have started seeing ghosts. Ghosts! Ryan tells me it's a side effect of this Plasmid business. One poor sod's memories getting passed on to another through genetic sampling. Leaks. Lunatics. Rebellion. And now bleeding ghosts. Ain't life in Rapture grand?
― Bill McDonagh[src]

Ghosts are the leftover memories caused by a crossover of genes during genetic sampling, caused by the use of recycled ADAM harvested from corpses by Little Sisters. Ghosts feature prominently in the story of BioShock, and are sometimes equally as important as Audio Diaries. They are also a way of displaying to the player the exact repercussions caused by excessive use of ADAM.


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When Jack encounters ghosts, the screen dims and fills with static noise. The ghosts then subsequently appear, recount the memory, and then the screen returns to normal.

Welcome to RaptureEdit

Welcome-Too Spliced-Ghost
I'm too spliced up, I'm too spliced up! Now nobody's gonna want me!
― Female ghost, ladies' room in the Kashmir Restaurant.

Medical PavilionEdit

Medic Pavilion-Look At Me!-Ghost
You promised me pretty, Steinman. You promised me pretty. Now look at me! LOOK AT ME!
― Female ghost, shrieking in the Foyer.

Neptune's BountyEdit

Neptunes Bounty-Fisheries Ghosts
Ghost #1: You can't quit, Fontaine will find you.
Ghost #2: Hey, fuck Fontaine.
Ghost #1: You don't fuck Fontaine, Fontaine fucks you!
― Two male ghosts, coming from Smuggler's Hideout.


Arcadia-Date Night-Ghosts 01
Angelina: *Giggles*, What are you waiting for silly? It's beautiful.
― Angelina's ghost, entering the Tea Garden.
Arcadia-Date Night-02
Angelina: Oh sugar, I'm spliced up in ways you've never dreamed of.
Dieter: Get over here.
*Angelina giggles*
― Angelina and Dieter Sonnekalb's ghosts, on a bench in the Tea Garden.

Fort FrolicEdit

Fort Frolic-EVEs Garden-Ghost01
Well, if it isn't long lost Andrew Ryan. Mm mm mm… come here, tiger.
Jasmine Jolene, in Eve's Garden.
Fort Frolic-EVEs Garden-Ghost02
I thought you had forgotten about poor Jasmine, but I am so glad you didn't.
― Jasmine Jolene, backstage in Eve's Garden.
I'm sorry Mr. Ryan, I didn't know…. I didn't know Fontaine had something to do with it, I- what? What are you doing?! No, no don't plea-! I loved you, don't, don't please, no! NO! *Screams*.
― Jasmine Jolene, in a room at Eve's Garden.


Hepaestus-Betrayl Ghost-01 Hepaestus-Betrayl Ghost-02

Ghost #1: The circuit breaker's over there, yeah.
Ghost #2: Why can't Ryan take care of this crap himself?
Ghost #1: Because Mr. Ryan's got more important things to do than to enforce loyalty in the ranks. Say hello to Fontaine, you back-stabbing son of a bitch!
Ghost #2: *Screams*.
― Two male ghosts, fixing machinery in Heat Loss Monitoring.

Apollo SquareEdit

Apollo Square-Rally Ghost
You think Ryan's gonna be there for ya when you're down n' out? No… Fontaine, Fontaine's the man with the helping hand!
― Male ghost, speaking out in front of Fontaine's Home for the Poor.

Point PrometheusEdit

Point Prometheus-Little Sister-Ghost
Please, papa Suchong! I don't wanna go on the table!
Little Sister test subject, in the surgery room of Optimized Eugenics.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Launch Trailer-Ghosts

Ghostly Dancers: Memories of Rapture in better times.

  • Although ghosts do not reappear in BioShock 2, the launch trailer for BioShock 2 does contain a scene featuring a large assortment of ghosts dancing. As revealed by BioShock 2 Creative Director Jordan Thomas in an interview with GamesRadar, the idea of ghosts and genetic memories would have originally played a larger role in BioShock 2: "There were a number of playable flashbacks, which had a prequel-like flavor, but were much more subjective, like memories that you were uncovering. But they were terrible. What Rapture was like in its heyday appeals on paper, but it meant you really couldn’t play the game. Players sleepwalked through each scene, which was pretty, but not particularly convincing."[1]
Shock2 ghost

The ghost of a man committing suicide in System Shock 2.

  • BioShock shares similar ghost apparitions with System Shock 2, Irrational Games' first game and the spiritual predecessor of BioShock. The reason for their apparitions aboard the Von Braun starship are however due to the protagonist's cybernetic implants, which like Plasmids upgrade his abilities. Also on the Medical Deck, a ghost is seen banging at a locked door, begging to be let in, just like at the Medical Pavilion in BioShock.


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