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For the gift shop of Columbia's Battleship Bay, see Battleship Bay Gift Shop.
Gift Shop Sign
R Amuse-Gift 01

Outside the Gift Shop.

Used to be there was no margin in runnin' the gift shop — I couldn't hardly sell off this tourist crap for a penny more'n it cost to manufacture!
― Silas Bantam[src]

The Gift Shop was one of the main attractions in Ryan Amusements in Rapture. Owned by Silas Bantam, the main goal of the shop was to unload cheap trinkets on park guests looking for a memento.


R Amuse-Gift 02

The interior is mostly empty.

Sometime before the 1958 New Year's Eve Riots, Silas Bantam, the ambitious owner of the shop struck a deal with Augustus Sinclair. Sinclair was to supply the shop with low-quality goods manufactured by his company, Sinclair Toys. According to Bantam, he occasionally had to pick a needle out of the shipments, but the increased profit margins justified it.[1] Bantam also provided advertsing space for other Sinclair investments by putting up a poster for The Sinclair Deluxe.

Known Sold BrandsEdit

BioShock 2Edit

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Subject Delta walks into the store unaware of the Splicers expecting him. One of them stands near the entrance, but then runs off to warn the others at the sight of Delta's imposing presence.

Gift ShopEdit

The Gift Shop has become a roost for a few Splicers over the years, but is still in relatively good shape. The cashier's counter is found by the entrance with a shoe shine bench on the right of it. To the left is an El Ammo Bandito machine in front of the stairs to an observation area with an Epstein the Swami machine.

Most of the products were sold on the right side of the store. The display shelves are mostly empty, but some of the merchandise (dolls, teddy bears, toy sharks, toy submarines and even birthday cards) is still left over. A safe and some unpacked boxes from Sinclair Toys are in the back of the store along with the audio diary Cutting Corners.


The stalls in the gift shop are the only ones found in the park. As Delta approaches the "gents" room at the far end of the store, he can hear a female Splicer crying, but when he enters the room, it's empty. By the stalls, he notices a storage crate and a toolbox with Trap Bolts. When investigating, a toilet flushes and a stall door opens, but there's no one in it, except for an EVE Hypo. Suddenly a shadow appears behind the player and Delta is jumped by the Splicer from the stall.

The "dames" room is gated shut, but the Electro Bolt Plasmid fixes the problem. Someone from the The Rapture Family apparently lived here for a while, with some of their belongings left. This person also built a shrine for Sofia Lamb, that includes one of her audio diaries, Rapture is Deliverance.

New DiscoveriesEdit

Audio DiariesEdit

  1. Silas Bantam - Cutting Corners - In a crate next to the safe.
  2. Sofia Lamb - Rapture is Deliverance - On the shrine in the "dames" restroom.



  •  Icon pc Icon ps3 A building is seen from the windows in the observation area, but if one would stand close enough to the window and look down, it will disappear.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit


Looks a little empty…


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