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BI Gold Bar

A Gold Bar in Columbia.

A Gold Bar is a unit of currency composed of solid gold.

BioShock Infinite[]

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In Columbia, the gold bar is worth 500 Silver Eagles. They are extremely rare to find, appearing only four times in Columbia.


  1. Comstock Center Rooftops, The Blue Ribbon - On the table closest to the kitchen door in the dining room (Industrial Revolution Rewards Pack and Columbia's Finest only).
  2. Factory, Office of Jeremiah Fink - On a table in front of the safe by Jeremiah Fink's desk.
  3. Downtown Emporia, Bank of the Prophet - Lying next to an open safe in a bank vault, which can be accessed by use of the Vox Cipher.
  4. Comstock House, Surgery - On the desk in the unlockable office overlooking the Operating Theater.

Burial at Sea - Episode 1[]

BaS Rapture Gold Bar

A Gold Bar in Rapture.

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 1

In the BioShock Infinite downloadable content Burial at Sea - Episode 1, taking place in Rapture, the gold bar is worth 100 Dollars and smaller gold bars are worth 50 Dollars.


  1. High Street, The Golden Rule - Back room, in the safe.
  2. Fontaine's Department Store, Menswear, The Daily Bread - In the hand of a male corpse underneath the staircase on the lower level (Small Gold Bar).
  3. Fontaine's Department Store, The Pavilion - First floor, the elevator shaft, access requires Shock Jockey to open elevator on the second floor (Small Gold Bar).
  4. Fontaine's Department Store, The Pavilion - Outside the Pavilion Station, in the tip suitcase next to the pianola (Small Gold Bar).
  5. Housewares, Customer Service - In the safe (three Lockpicks required) (Gold Bar).

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