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"There is something more powerful than each of us, a combination of our efforts, a Great Chain of industry that unites us. But it is only when we struggle in our own interest that the chain pulls society in the right direction..."Andrew Ryan

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Good Time Club sign
BioI FP Plaza of Zeal Good Time Club Exterior 1

The Good Time Club's exterior.

Welcome to the Good Time Club, sir or madam! Where the lions roar! The show is about to begin!
― Good Time Club Automaton[src]

Located in the Plaza of Zeal of Finkton Proper, Columbia, the Good Time Club is where (when allowed) higher ranked workers can take their ease after work. It has lavish interiors and overall is an appealing environment. A multistory theatre with a long stage furnishes entertainment, while the clientele enjoys a drink at one of several bars or a cigar in the smoking room.


BioI FP Good Time Club Main Club

The main stage.

Good Time Club ticket booth

On its surface, the Good Time Club was established as a means of impressing potential investors and a venue serving upper class citizenry. It served to reward employees higher up in the Fink MFG hierarchy for their hard work. The club offered a new theatre show every Monday, charging 10 cents for seniors and 5 cents for juniors for a continuous revue.

Beneath its surface, the club serves as a base for Fink to maintain power over his workhouse and to snub out worker unrest. Labor agitators and Vox Populi agents are taken to the club to be interrogated and frequently eliminated. A large furnace on its bottom floor is used to dispose of Vox altered weapons and propaganda.

Infinite Spoilers

BioShock Infinite[]

Good Time Club Marquee Booker
Main article: BioShock Infinite

Booker and Elizabeth need to find the gunsmith Chen Lin. They head to the Good Time Club to after his wife informs them that he had been taken there by the district's enforcers, the Flying Squad. As the pair approach the building, it's clear their presence is already known as the marquee reads "BOOKER DEWITT AUDITION TODAY!".



The Good Time Club lobby.

If Booker and Elizabeth enter the Club before visiting the Gunsmith Shop, the automation in the lobby will continuously advise the due to return at showtime until they leave, as the doors to the main club are gated.

Booker and Elizabeth enter and are instantly greeted by the automaton who tells them that the show is about the begin, but the biggest spectacle in the room is the corpse strung up upon the business' sign. With insult literally added to injury, the man has board labeled "Sacked" attached to him, and his belongings, a hat, Carbine, and phial of Salts lay beneath him beside the pool of blood dripping down. Shortly after entering, Booker is contacted by Jeremiah Fink who finds himself in need of a brutish Pinkerton such as Booker to take up the mantle of security chief and rid the city of Daisy Fitzroy. He informs Booker that he is up for a surprise audition. Booker puts two and two together and realizes that the audition is likely for the job previously occupied by the "sacked" man. The main entrance was gated shut after they arrived, so Booker and Elizabeth have no choice but to continue into the main club and see what Fink has in mind.

The lobby is built in a circular form, with a staircase leading up to the club entrance and two golden statues of Fink looking over the area. Two sofas are set on both side of the automation, which is found underneath the club's business sign, straight ahead from the main entrance. On top of the staircase is a Minuteman's Armory vending machine with the Kinetoscope Crime Comes to "Shanty-Town" set on its left side and a searchable Purse on its right.

Upon returning to the lobby after entering the Tear into a different universe, one can find some small differences in this timeline. The Kinetoscope Gun-Smith Set Free can now be found on the right side of the vending machine, while Crime Comes to "Shanty-Town" is gone. The "sacked" man, who has by now been identified as Head of Security for Fink Manufacturing Scofield Sansmark is gone, as he was not killed in this manner in this universe. One of the sofas now has a Shotgun, fiddle case, a coin purse, and a cigar tin by its side.

Good Time Club[]


A Zealot in the Good Time Club.

Booker and Elizabeth enter the club, where Booker is up for the title of Head of Security for Fink Manufacturing. Fink has Booker battle against three other candidates whom he is considering for the job. First, Booker battles a Fireman, followed by a Zealot of the Lady, and last of all, a Motorized Patriot. Once they are all defeated, Fink admits to knowing of Booker's deal with Fitzroy to get Chen Lin. Booker rejects the employment offer, which angers Fink.

Some valuables are located throughout the club, such as a lockpicking kit behind a bar on the second floor. In the smoking lounge, Booker finds a piece of Gear and a three lockpick safe containing Silver Eagles. The Wine Cellar has a "Free Sample" Infusion and a Lockpick under a booth.


BI ChenLin Movie

Chen Lin's interrogation on film.

Lions walk with lions, DeWitt, not hyenas!
― Jeremiah Fink[src]

Booker and Elizabeth then journey backstage and down to the lower cells of the club. They find wanted posters for Fitzroy and Downs, along with a Vox Populi Code Book in the disposal area. They come across a few workers locked up or dead in cells. If Booker chose not to kill Cornelius Slate at the Hall of Heroes, he'll find the man lobotomized in cell 6. Cell number 7 contains nothing but the body of Vincent Hadley and a Salt phial that can replenish Booker's meter. Cell 8 is locked and will require five picks to enter, but there's a Gear piece inside, along with the body of Diego Molano.

Upon further traveling, Booker finds Chen Lin tortured and murdered in the bottom of cell number 9. Rosalind and Robert Lutece suddenly appear out of nowhere to reveal a Tear to a universe where Chen Lin was never murdered.

Through the Tear[]

Good Time Club Marquee Scofield

The Vox locked up.

It's another world. Another Columbia.
― Elizabeth[src]

Elizabeth opens the Tear to a changed reality where the prison is filled with Vox agents and workers. Passing through the projection room, a running film reveals that while Lin was interrogated, he was suddenly ordered released by someone named Scofield. Two of the guards killed earlier are also alive, but they seem deeply disturbed and only partially there. As Booker and Elizabeth return to the main theater, they engage Fink's security force while Fink angrily questions Sansmark, his Head of Security, about how the duo got there. Elizabeth notices that the final man killed, Scofield Sansmark, was the body strung up on the clock in the previous reality. They leave the Good Time Club to go find Chen Lin at his Gunsmith Shop.

As the pair leave the building, the marquee now reads "SANSMARK RETIREMENT GALA".

New Discoveries[]

Single Use Events[]

  1. Code Book - Inside the prison basement next to the propaganda incinerator.


  1. Jeremiah Fink - Changing My Tune - Inside the dressing rooms.
  2. Zachary Hale Comstock - His Design for Cruelty - Inside the prison basement.


  1. Crime Comes to "Shanty-Town" - In the lobby at the top of the stairs.
  2. The First Lady - Inside the club next to the Veni! Vidi! Vigor! machine.
  3. Gun-Smith Set Free - In the lobby at the top of the stairs after going through the Tear.


Concept Art and Prelaunch Images[]

In-Game Images[]

Behind the Scenes[]

BioI Fink Theatre Concept Art - Ben Lo

Fink Theatre concept art, by Ben Lo.

  • Scofield Sansmark, the man hanging from the clock in the lobby, bears a sign inscribed SACKED. This is a call back to Alex the Great's similar FIRED signs found with his victims/former employees in BioShock 2.
  • The Good Time Club developed from the "Fink Theatre," which is based on art for the unmade level, uses a similar exterior, ticket booth, and elaborate stage.
BioI Finkton Proper Good Time Club Leftover Cut Content

The leftover room.

  • If one were to activate the noclip mode using Console Commands, they can find a small leftover room right outside Chen Lin's cell, which would otherwise not be encountered during normal play. The room contains Booker's disembodied arms and a man with a un-rendered pink body on a chair. This was likely some early version of the player finding Chen Lin's body.
  • After entering the reality where Booker has joined the Vox Populi and gained martyrdom by destroying the Hall of Heroes along with Slate, the entrance to the club can be seen boarded up.
  • If one would enter the Good Time Club before going to the Gunsmith Shop, Scofield Sansmark's corpse will not be present and one of the sofas will be from the next universe, containing loot.
  • Some of the mugshots seen on "The Vox Threat" blackboard are actually real world mugshots. The female mugshot under "lieutenants" is the mugshot of Alice Adeline Cooke, who was convicted for bigamy and theft in 1922.[1] The mugshot of the two males under "Vox Suspects" is the mugshot of Albert Stewart Warnkin and Adolf Gustave Beutler. Warnkin was convicted in 1920 for attempting to carnally know an eight-year-old girl. There is no information on what Beutler was convicted for.[2]