Frank FontaineHQ.jpg Title Goodbye to Fontaine
Speaker Frank Fontaine
Level Fontaine Futuristics
Goodbye to Fontaine
Transcript: Everytime Ryan turns up the heat, I know I'm a little bit closer to beatin' him at his own game. But now the game's changin' -- Ryan's boys are comin' in heavy -- lookin' to knock down my door and take what's mine. Like this is the first time I had to dodge a bullet. They're comin' to my house expectin' a show, but they're gonna get a disappearin' act. Say goodbye to Fontaine... (cocks shotgun and switches to a thick Irish accent) and hello to Atlas.

Location: Turn the boar head in Frank Fontaine's office to reveal the secret stash.

Turn the boar head in Fontaine's offe... get the audio diary

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