Simon Wales Title Guidance of Lamb
Speaker Simon Wales
Level Siren Alley
Guidance of Lamb
AD gNr072-lNr17 Simon Wales - Guidance of Lamb f0149
Transcript: Andrew Ryan left us wandering confused and alone amongst yesterday's wreckage. But Sofia Lamb shows us that we are not alone, we are together, as a family. So when you see a man brought to his knees, recognize that he is your brother, and pull him up. Sofia Lamb teaches us: What is in common is good. What is irreducible is right. She guides us all to the indivisible, along a river of ADAM. Rapture's Daughter, Eleanor, shall be our vessel. In her we shall be reborn!

Location: Leaning against a trunk by the door to Pumping Station 5, near two portraits of Jack injecting a Plasmid.

AD gNr072-lNr17 Simon Wales - Guidance of Lamb f0150

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