Bill McDonagh Title Guns Blazing
Speaker Bill McDonagh
Level Fort Frolic
Guns Blazing
Bill McDonagh - Guns Blazing
Transcript: The good people of Rapture didn't sign up to see us government-types shutting down shops, killing their owners... even with a ponce like Fontaine. But he brung it upon himself. 'Stead of copping it on the chin, bugger gets into his 'ead that he's gonna go down guns blazing. Who does he think he is? John bloody Wayne? We can get on top of this. We can. Here's what we do: we find Fontaine's will and make what was his go to where it was intended -- and not into the pockets of us that put 'im into the ground.

Location: Robertson's Tobaccoria, on the table near the entrance.

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