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For the other gift shops, see Gift Shop (Disambiguation).
Hall of Heroes Memorial Giftshop Poster
BioI Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop Entrance

The gift shop entrance.

Superior Souvenirs - Finest Quality Replicas
― Advertisement[src]

The Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop, or simply the Hall of Heroes Gift Shop, is a gift shop located by the main courtyard of the Hall of Heroes in Columbia. The shop sells various souvenirs related to the Boxer Rebellion Exhibit and the Wounded Knee Exhibit. The store was abandoned when Cornelius Slate and his soldiers took over the Hall of Heroes. Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth have to venture here during BioShock Infinite, in order to get the Shock Jockey Vigor, as the Hall of Heroes was sponsored by the Fink Manufacturing product.

BioShock Infinite[]

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The gift shop dark and empty when Booker and Elizabeth arrive. The entrance hallway has several Shock Jockey shelves already picked clean, a Veni! Vidi! Vigor! and Minuteman's Armory, and two Kinetoscopes: "Behold the Miracle Child! A Prophecy is Fulfilled!" and "The Lamb is the Future of the City".


As soon as the due enter the main gift shop, four Comstock Motorized Patriots, encased in glass displays, comes to life, loudly spouting various lines, causing Elizabeth to cover her ears. As they quiet down, Slate is heard from the intercom, telling Booker that Comstock will diminish them by turning them into "tin men" (Motorized Patriots). Just then, a spotlight will turn on, focusing on a George Washington Patriot in the far back, displayed in between empty Shock Jockey shelves and defaced with the word "tin". The patriot starts to break the glass with a giant gun, and attacks Booker after escaping through the glass. Elizabeth can bring in a Gun Automaton, Medical Kits and Salts through Tears for assistance during the battle.

BioI Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop Cashier's Counter

The casher's counter at the center of the shop.

After winning, Slate again contacts them, saying that he knows Comstock is coming for him. Afterwards, the player can explore the gift shop freely. In the center of the room is a cashier's counter, with souvenirs for the Wounded Knee Massacre and Boxer Rebellion to the right and left. Next to the cashier's counter is the Kinetoscope: "A City Mourns" and a Motorized Patriot toy, illuminated by a flashlight, holding a cheeky note reading just "Slate ♡".

BioI Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop Maintenance Room Shock Jockey

The maintenance room, filled with Shock Jockey props.

Purple footprints can be seen leading to a locked maintenance room, which Elizabeth can lockpick. Inside is a Safe (requiring 5 lockpicks), empty and spilled Shock Jockey bottles, and a Shock Jockey crate. Opening the crate reveals Slate has taken every single bottle, but as they leave, they note that someone has thrown Shock Jockey traps by the gift shop entrance. Booker realizes that Slate is here and they leave for the courtyard.

New Discoveries[]

New Weaponry[]

New Enemy[]


  1. The Lamb is the Future of the City
  2. Behold the Miracle Child! A Prophecy is Fulfilled!
  3. A City Mourns


Behind the Scenes[]

  • A sticker based on the Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop advertisement seen in-game was featured in the BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition part of the BioShock Infinite Collectible Sticker Pack as a promotion for BioShock Infinite.
  • Slate does actually appear in the gift shop to throw the Shock Jockey crystals and then runs out towards the courtyard, although this is not visible to the player. If the Gun Automation Tear is active, it will react to Slate.