Hall of the Future Sign

The entrance to the gallery of the Hall of the Future.

Pick your Plasmid and Evolve!
― Mural Advertisement[src]

Hall of the Future was an attraction in Ryan Amusements in Rapture, designed specifically to promote the genetic enhancements and inventions marketed by Ryan Industries.


Pick Your Plasmid Poster

A Choose Your Plasmid! mural also seen in the gallery of the Hall of the Future.

The Hall of the Future is composed of a large exhibition hall and two smaller exhibit areas. It contained two Gatherer's Garden machines and exhibits for customers to test and observe the uses of the latest Plasmids. There was even a Vita-Chamber exhibit in the back. The Hall of the Future encouraged citizens to splice and showed how splicing would improve their lives through the use of Plasmids. The Plasmid exhibits were separated into two sections, "The Kitchen of the Future!" and the Incinerate! demonstration.

BioShock 2Edit

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Over the years, the Incinerate! demonstrations have deteriorated. Fuel has leaked onto the floor so that when the player lights the fireplace for the two "lovers," as instructed by the automated voice over the intercom, the flames spread across the floor and bestow upon the mannequins on the couch a bit more heat than was intended. Subject Delta's wielding of the Incinerate! Plasmid shows how the once simple tool became a more powerful weapon since its release, as a simple attempt at lighting a cigar sets the entire demonstration dummy ablaze.

The Incinerate! Demonstration is in far better shape than the "Kitchen of Tomorrow" Exhibit. This exhibit was meant to showcase newly designed kitchen appliances as well as the usefulness of the Winter Blast Plasmid in a domestic setting, but this display has lost its spectacle. The entire room is frozen over due to some burst pipes and a continuous spray of frosty air from the mannequin's arm. In addition to the new culinary instruments, there is a fair amount of loot buried beneath the ice, but no Winter Blast to be found.

Exhibit TranscriptsEdit

Ryan Amuse-Hall-Future01

Don't lose your head over this.

Congratulations on your recent purchase of the Incinerate! Plasmid.
― Initial Purchase Message (conjoined to Fireplace exhibit audio)[src]
Say, Tom here is having an romantic evening with a gal. What would impress her more than lighting the fireplace with the snap of your fingers?
― Fireplace exhibit[src]
Oh, a party! But this party just hit the skids. Carl needs a light for his cigar and no one can help him.
― Cigar exhibit[src]

New DiscoveriesEdit

New Plasmids and Tonics (Available at a Gatherer's Garden)Edit

Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Gilbert Alexander - A Father's Love - In a crate near the Vita-Chamber



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Behind the ScenesEdit

Hall Of The Future Slug Anatomy Display Concept

Concept art for the Sea Anatomy Display.

  • As revealed by the Deco Devolution artbook, Hall of the Future would have featured displays of ADAM generating Sea Slugs, their anatomy, and their dissection. It also would have had a portrait of the person who discovered "the slug connection" and a diorama of the sea floor.