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Happy Noodle Ad-Fort Frolic-01

A sandwich board advertisement for Happy Noodle.

Eat at Happy Noodle!
― Advertisement[src]

Happy Noodle Asian Food is a Chinese restaurant located somewhere in Rapture.


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While Jack never locates the Asian eatery during his trek through Rapture, he comes across multiple advertisements for the restaurant particularly in Fort Frolic. Posters and sandwich board ads for Happy Noodle can be seen surrounding the atrium area, as well as the halls of Poseidon Plaza.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Happy noodle old ad

Alternate ad.

  • An earlier cut poster simply advertising "Chinese American Foods" utilizes the same graphic as Happy Noodle but separate fonts.
  • The Happy Noodle Asian Food brand found in Rapture is present in System Shock 2 on trash laying on the ground and as an advert outside the buildings during the game's training level.
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