Harold Parson
I held out hope for months that I'd see my family again, but it seems like this rope is my only ticket to freedom.
― Harold Parson[src]

Harold Parson was the husband of Gloria Parson and the father of Billy Parson.


Harold and his family were members of Rapture's middle class. He owned a modest bookstore in the Marketplace of Pauper's Drop. Having become disaffected by poverty, he found Sofia Lamb's philosophy preferable to Andrew Ryan and his policies. He began supporting her, spreading her message, and even began selling copies of Unity and Metamorphosis in his bookstore. Sometime after he began to actively speak out against Ryan, he suddenly disappeared.[1]

Ryan had Harold incarcerated in Persephone in Cell Block B. Later, he became a test subject for Plasmids and Gene Tonics as a part of the Sinclair Solutions program. Psychologically broken and horribly disfigured by the splicing, he eventually committed suicide by hanging himself after losing all hope of ever seeing his family again. His last thoughts were of his beloved wife and child.[2]

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Subject Delta can find Harold's corpse in his cell where he ended his life, in the Holding facility of Inner Persephone.

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