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Pavlov made a dog salivate. We'll make this one weep.
― Harrison Powell[src]

Dr. Harrison Powell is a renowned physician in Columbia who appears in BioShock Infinite. Alongside Dr. P. Pettifog, he performed surgical procedures on Elizabeth at Comstock House.

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BioShock InfiniteEdit

BioI Comstock House Operating Theater Powell & Pettifog in Tornado

Powell and Pettifog carried away by the tornado.

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At Father Comstock's orders, Dr. Powell planned to attach a device that would provide a painful shock whenever Elizabeth tried to use her powers. He expressed no empathy doing this to her, but rather only scientific interest in the procedure. When Booker DeWitt arrived at Comstock House and deactivated the Siphons limiting Elizabeth's powers, she opened a Tear to a field being ravaged by a devastating tornado, killing the doctor and his colleague in the rampaging tempest.


BioShock InfiniteEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The sound files for Dr. Powell contain the name "doctorJekyll" which seems to have been the working name for the character before the final name was chosen. Doctor Jekyll was the main character of the novel Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
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