Harrison Thacker was a member of the Columbian police force who rose to prominence during the early days of the Vox Populi rebellion. Harrison served under Chief Officer Jefferson Poole, and felt that the Chief was less than fit for the position, accusing him of "coddling the Vox Populi."


After Poole's (rather convenient) assassination, Thacker was appointed as the new Chief Officer. As the new Chief, Thacker introduced the Motorized Patriot as part of the campaign to combat Vox Populi terrorism. Chief Thacker then began a series of brutal strikes against the Vox Populi, most of which succeeded in driving the Vox deeper into hiding.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • It is highly plausible that Thacker was behind the assassination of Chief Poole, as a witness stated that he saw that the assassin was in a police uniform.[citation needed]
  • Harrison Thacker is only mentioned in The Minuteman, an in-game newspaper that appears in the Industrial Revolution web-game.