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Heat Loss Monitoring Sign
AD gNr090-lNr09 Bill McDonagh - Genetic Arms Race f0486
Gonna go see the grease monkeys left alive in Heat Loss Monitoring, see what I can shake out of their trees.
― Anya Andersdotter[src]

Heat Loss Monitoring contains the equipment where workers regulate the heat transfer from the geothermal fluid driving the generators in the Hephaestus district.


Australia Day
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Finding the main entrance to Andrew Ryan's office barricaded with magnetic locks, Jack finds an audio diary[1] hinting that someone in Heat Loss Monitoring might know a way to overload the geothermal core to disable the power.

Entering from the core room, Jack goes through a clanking turbine room and is ambushed by Splicers feigning death. Through the inner entrance, "Please Be Kind" plays as another turret lurks around the corner. An audio diary[2] mentions that the code to Supervisor Kyburz' office is the date of Australia Day. Nearby posters and calendars conveniently supply the date.

Hepaestus-Betrayl Ghost-01

On the lower floors, Jack sees ghostly traces of two maintenance workers fixing a malfunctioning circuit breaker. One electrocutes the other to death. His body still floats in the electrically charged water.

AD gNr091-lNr10 Pablo Navarro - Getting a Break f0487

On the other side of the room on a desk is a gene tonic and an audio diary[3] speculating that Supervisor Kyburz might keep something in his office to disable the magnetic locks.

New Discoveries[]

New Plasmids and Tonics (Found)[]

Audio Diaries[]

  1. Pablo Navarro - Kyburz Door Code - Upper Heat Loss Monitoring.
  2. Bill McDonagh - Genetic Arms Race - Lower Heat Loss Monitoring, on a desk in the flooded area.
  3. Pablo Navarro - Getting a Break - Lower Heat Loss Monitoring, on a desk next to the Security Evasion 2 Gene Tonic.


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