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Put the PEP back in your STEP!
― Hop-Up Soda advertisement[src]

Hop-Up cola is a brand of soda in Rapture, established in 1949.[1] Though commonly mistaken for a bottle of beer, there is no ill effect to consuming large quantities of this beverage. Drinking soda will restore a small amount of EVE, and splicing the Extra Nutrition line of Gene Tonics will increase the yield of EVE each bottle gives.


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Interestingly, this soda could be found in only one place in the first BioShock, in a trash can in Hephaestus where the game erroneously labels it "Coffee".

BioShock 2[]

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Hop-Up cola is far more common in BioShock 2 as a consumable item, and posters advertising it can be seen in many places. Its bottle cap is even seen on the back of the Bouncer Big Daddy doll.

Help Caption[]

This burst of caffeine from a bottle of soda will restore a small amount of EVE. Like all food and drink, it is consumed immediately when picked up.

Minerva's Den[]

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Numerous bottles of Hop-Up cola can be seen scattered all over the floor of Reed Wahl's office.

Burial at Sea[]

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Crates of Hop-Up cola are worn by male Early Splicers in Fontaine's Department Store and can be found littered around the backrooms and storerooms of businesses.