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Hotel Monsenor Sign
B1 HotelMonsenor1

Advertisement for Hotel Monseñor in BioShock.

Hotel Monseñor is a luxury hotel located in Rapture. The establishment is one of the most widely advertised destinations in the city.


B1 HotelMonsenor2

Sign of the hotel seen in Olympus Heights.

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Signs for the hotel can be seen in high-class areas around the city. Jack first spots a neon sign outside the Welcome Center as his Bathysphere descends from the Lighthouse. Later on in Olympus Heights, marquees are seen in the tram tunnels that connect Athena's Glory and Mercury Suites with the Central Square Bistro.

Challenge RoomsEdit


An advertisement seen in the Rapture Firing Range.

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The hotel's sign is also seen through windows in The 'I' in Team. If the protagonist looks to the right upon first spawning outside the entrance to the Rapture Firing Range, a sign for the Monseñor is visible on the side of a building in the distance. It can be seen at a better angle from the glass tunnel connecting the firing range with the plate room.

BioShock 2Edit

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Similar advertisements can be seen by Subject Delta through the window of the Adonis Luxury Resort as he escorts Eleanor Lamb during the opening cutscene. Later on in 1968, another sighting occurs when Delta passes a fallen sign found outside the Atlantic Express.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

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A sign can be seen in the distance through the window in Burial at Sea - Episode 2's conclusion.

Behind the ScenesEdit