C. M. Porter raw picture Title How We Met
Speaker Charles Milton Porter
Level Operations
How We Met
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Charles Milton Porter: Continuing input of audio data into the The Thinker's database. Subject: Pearl Porter.

Pearl Porter: I want to tell the recorder how we met, Milton.

Charles: Okay, sure.

Pearl: I was working in my family's diner. School was starting for the fall, and one morning in walks this college boy, clean cut... first thing I noticed was his eyes. He sat down and ordered bacon, eggs and coffee. He was shy, but we talked a little off and on. He came in every single morning for breakfast and ordered the same thing. I told my mama, that boy must really love your cooking! She said, he isn't coming in for the food, honey, he's coming in for you. A year later, we were married.

Location: On the floor on the left in the central room of the programming area, next to the Hardy Machines Gene Tonic.

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