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His prescription.

Dr. Howard Harvey Lyman M.D. is a character from There's Something in the Sea. He was Mark Meltzer's primary psychiatrist at Tollevue Hospital on the two occasions that Mark stayed there. Dr. Lyman seems uncomfortably interested in Mark's mental health, and has diagnosed him with depression and acute anxiety, prescribing him a bottle of "Benzodiazum" pill for the latter. Dr. Lyman is also the primary psychiatrist of RØd Killian Quain, and has recorded several sessions with him since he was placed in the secure ward.

Phone Messages[]

9/2 - Listen[]

"Mark. Hello, this is doctor Lyman over at Tollevue. I received your message and, well, to be honest, I can’t divulge any information about any of the other patients in this facility. And if the individual you asked about is indeed in a long-term restricted ward, we don’t have open visiting hours anyway. But I do encourage you to come by and talk. I know your wife, Amanda, has expressed concern, and you do sound very much on edge. Please, let me know if I can help."

9/14 - Listen[]

"Mark. This is Dr. Lyman. I know that you regard further treatment as unnecessary, but I'd like to advise you that I remain ready and willing to talk with you at any time. Additionally, it has come to my attention that certain documents and tape reels vanished from my offices at Tollevue Hospital during your stay. No accusations, I'm just wondering if you have any information regarding these items. Thank you, Mark."

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The anxiety pills that Dr. Lymann prescribed for Mark, "Benzodiazium", are not a real type of medicine. It is likely that the name is a parody of "Benzodiazepine",[1] (particularly the drug Diazepam) a class of drugs used to treat anxiety and insomnia.


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