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Peach Wilkins
"Come on in and show us those snappy snappies."Peach Wilkins

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Hunt Down Vox

Hunt Down the Vox.

Hunt Down the Vox sign
The Vox Populi are on the loose! Who will hunt them down? Hey you! Handy with a rifle? Looking to do your part for Columbia? Show your skill by hunting down Daisy Fitzroy and the vile members of the Vox Populi! Calling all skilled marksmen! The Vox Populi are on the loose! Can you protect us? Demonstrate your bravery right here! Shoot the targets, earn the points, win the prize! You sir? Or you! Gentlemen, who will take arms against these monstrous heathens? Save the day and win the prize!
― Airgun Barker[src]

Hunt Down the Vox is one of three different carnival games at the Fairgrounds in Columbia's Town Center. The player uses an air Carbine to shoot as many Vox Populi targets within 30 seconds. The targets pop up from three positions, and each one is worth a single point.

A fourth target in the likeness of Daisy Fitzroy appears only once as a quickly-moving far target. Bonus points are earned if the player hits the Fitzroy target. The prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize (20 points): Silver Eagle Purse
  • Second Prize (10 points): Coins
  • Third Prize (5 points): Cigarettes



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