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Ice Princess
Neptune's Bounty PttP Machine

A door to an Ice Princess Brand cold storage unit.

Premium Cold Storage
― Seen on Ice Princess brand doors[src]

Ice Princess is a brand of cold storage units seen frequently around Rapture during the events of BioShock. The Ice Princess logo is a young woman ice skating.


The coolers are designed to keep products fresh for a sustained time. One of Rapture's greatest natural resources was the abundant and varied population of sea life that lived close by the city. Because fish tends to go bad quickly, most — if not all — storage units were situated in Neptune's Bounty. Due to its size, Fontaine Fisheries installed a large number of the Ice Princess units.

As Fontaine's smuggling business took off, the storage areas weren't solely used for keeping fish fresh. Within them there are signs that torture, interrogation, and murder took place (as evidenced by the several bodies they contain). Because the smugglers were running short on space, a considerable amount of contraband came to be stored there as well.


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Due to the general collapse of maintenance in Rapture, all of the storage unit entrances have frozen shut, so Jack will need to have the Incinerate! Plasmid equipped or else use some alternate means to melt the ice. The entrance to the Smuggler's Hideout is concealed in one of the Ice Princess cold storage areas. This area can be found downstairs in the back after fighting Peach Wilkins.