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Imago Fine Arts Sign

Outside the entrance to Imago Fine Arts.

To wear a butterfly is to support Doctor Lamb and the Family. Before long, Rapture will split wide… and take wing. Imago is coming.
― Gideon Wyborn[src]

Imago Fine Arts is an art gallery established in the eastern section of Dionysus Park of Rapture.



Security Cameras guard every corner of the gallery.

The Imago Fine Arts gallery displayed works of art created by citizens of Rapture, especially those agreeing with the teachings of Sofia Lamb. Either during or shortly before the flooding of Dionysus Park, the temperature control for the gallery was broken, pipes burst, and the room froze over, sealing the entrance behind a thick wall of ice. Consequently, the entire gallery remained relatively untouched, as the frozen doors kept out the sea water.

BioShock 2Edit


A Turret greets visitors when they enter.

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The GalleryEdit

By the time of Subject Delta's arrival, the gallery has completely frozen. Despite this, the numerous security devices are still fully functional. Several frames of paintings can still be seen hanging on the walls.

This area also features an ADAM corpse for the player to gather from and the Easter Egg Schrödinger cat.

The BackroomEdit


The door to the back room is guarded by a Security Camera and a Turret.

The backroom may have been the office of the Imago's curator, and it served as a storage space for the gallery. It contains a safe and a number of valuable items, including the Hardy Machines Gene Tonic. A Breadwinner Splicer wearing a top hat (who was possibly the gallery's curator himself) is frozen solid on the other side of the doors leading into the backroom.


  • It is wise to hack most, if not all, of the security devices in this area before gathering ADAM from the corpse.
  • There are several Automatic Hack Darts in the safe in the backroom, so don't be afraid to use a few to hack the Security Cameras and Turrets in the gallery.
  • If the player has not fully completed researching security before getting to this point, the gallery offers a perfect opportunity to do so.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New Gene TonicsEdit

Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Frank Fontaine - Falling Into Place - Frozen in ice near the backroom entrance (Incinerate! required).



In-Game ImagesEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Imago fine Arts Sign Variations

Opus Artz' design variations.

  • The term "Imago" refers to the last stage of an insect's development (also referred to as the "adult" stage),[1] thus fitting perfectly with Sofia Lamb's butterfly symbolism.
  • The gallery sign was designed by Opus Artz.[2]


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