Back at the lottery, you… without you, we wouldn't have gotten away.
― Groom[src]
Daisy always said somebody like you would come along.
― Bride[src]

An interracial couple addressed only as the Bride and Groom are two characters in the BioShock Infinite narrative. Their mistreatment at the hands of the privileged citizens of Columbia is the first sign of the Founders' deep-seated racism and classism.

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BioShock InfiniteEdit

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When Booker DeWitt first arrives in Columbia, he makes his way over to scenic Raffle Square. He is given a numbered baseball, thus entering him into the Columbia Raffle. When he wins, the curtain on the stage rises to reveal the interracial couple tied to posts, surrounded by a mock wedding display of jungle foliage and leering monkeys, presided over by a caricature of a black minister. The grand prize for winning the lottery is a chance to throw the first baseball at the couple, eventually leading to their stoning. Aware of their imminent and painful death, the Groom attempts to claim sole responsibility for the union in a desperate bid to spare his beloved's life as the couple pleads for mercy.

Booker can choose to throw the baseball either at the pair or at Jeremiah Fink, the host of the Raffle. However, before Booker can strike either target, nearby police officers notice the brand on his right hand, marking him as the False Shepherd. The police attempt to apprehend Booker, but he escapes.

If Booker chooses to throw the ball at Fink instead of the couple, they are later seen in the employees' section of Battleship Bay just before the entrance to the Arcade. The two managed to escape in the commotion at the Raffle. They thank Booker for his mercy and offer him a piece of Gear as a measure of their gratitude. If Booker chooses to throw the ball at the duo, Flambeau appears instead and will offer Booker the piece of Gear with Fink's compliments. If Booker chooses not to throw it before the timer runs out, neither will appear and the Gear will be inaccessible.


BioShock Infinite - The Raffle Lottery (Throw at Announcer)

BioShock Infinite - The Raffle Lottery (Throw at Announcer)