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J Fisher Gallery Sign
D Park-J Fischer01

The entrance of the J. Fischer Gallery.

Doctor Lamb's trying to take the city by sponsoring the artsy types here… big thinkers, to speak out against Ryan in their work. And all of it is right here in the Park galleries, open to the public.
― Stanley Poole[src]

The J. Fischer Gallery is the easternmost art gallery and exhibition hall located in Dionysus Park. Subject Delta is required to go here to deal with a Little Sister during the events of BioShock 2.



A bear statue adorns the center of the gallery.

The J. Fischer Gallery is a split-level gallery which displayed works of art created by leading artists of Rapture, including the renowned Sander Cohen. The gallery was an ideal area for guests to congregate in during parties hosted at Dionysus Park before the complex was flooded.

BioShock 2Edit

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The Lower GalleryEdit

Though previously flooded, the gallery is in relatively good shape; the paintings, though damaged, are still hanging from the walls and the furniture is still in place. A sculpture of a polar bear decorates the center of the room beneath a large skylight. An ADAM corpse is located just to the side of the sculpture. A Security Camera and a Gene Bank can be found at opposite corners of the gallery.

The Upper GalleryEdit

There are only a few paintings in the upper part of the gallery, which was designed to be more of a reception/storage area. There is a Health Station next to a banquet table in this section. Near the back is a makeshift storage area where a number of items, a Little Sister Vent, and Stanley Poole's Audio Diary Gotta Keep it Together, are located. Although there is only one entrance to the gallery, Splicers will spawn from the storage area randomly.


  • When the player first enters the gallery, they will see a Houdini Splicer harassing a Big Daddy and Little Sister. If Hypnotize 2 is equipped, befriend the Splicer and have him attack the Big Daddy.
  • It's a good idea to use the Drill in combat against the Big Daddy, as there are several cans of Drill Fuel kept in the storage area in the upper gallery.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New Gene TonicsEdit

Audio DiaryEdit

  1. Stanley Poole - Gotta Keep it Together - In the backroom of the upper gallery.