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Ahh, hell, what're we gonna to do with all the full production run of these useless things?
― Jack McClendon[src]

Jack McClendon was the head robotics engineer and owner of McClendon Robotics, located in Minerva's Den. Through his company, McClendon developed many robots that served Rapture and its citizens for years. Although his line of Security Bots and Turrets were common during the Rapture Civil War, his domestic robots, seen in Minerva's Den, had been popular.


When Andrew Ryan offered McClendon a contract to develop Robotic Little Sisters, he took the offer, even though the contract did not cover the research and development costs, including the application of Sea Slugs. Believing this to be a promising venture, McClendon assured Ryan that his company would fund it all, and eventually a full production line was built. However, failed field tests showed that the Big Daddy protectors completely ignored the Robotic Little Sisters. McClendon's workshop was left strewn with the manufacturing line and its unfinished components. McClendon's costly mistake of this failed line of robots led to his alcoholism and bitterness.[2]

Minerva's DenEdit

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What is likely to be McClendon's corpse can be found by Subject Sigma inside a nearly blocked room in McClendon Robotics' Workshop. The body, slumped near a patch of vomit on the floor, is surrounded by bottles of alcohol and the unused Robotic Little Sisters.

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Minerva's DenEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This character was named after Zak McClendon, the lead designer at 2K Marin during the development of BioShock 2. The portrait used for his Audio Diary is also an altered photo of Zak.[1]


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