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I don't care how crazy it sounds -- a way outta Rapture's music to my ears. Next Sunday morning… I'll be there.
― Jackie Rodkins[src]

Jackie Rodkins was a citizen of Rapture who managed to survive the worst of the Rapture Civil War. He was a presumed resident of Pauper's Drop.


After Sofia Lamb gained control over the underwater city (post 1960), Rodkins started to hear gossip about a man called Simon Wales and he began hosting a weekly "worship service" in Siren Alley under The Rapture Family. Rodkins became interested when he heard that the cult offered immortality, salvation, and the thing that got Rodkins hooked: a way out of Rapture. At this point, Rodkins was desperate enough to try anything to escape the fallen utopia, so he started going to Simon's lectures.[1]

BioShock 2[]

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It's possible that an ADAM corpse found in the furnished apartment Skid Row by Subject Delta is Rodkins, judging by its proximity to the Audio Diary found next to it.

Audio Diary[]

BioShock 2[]

Behind the Scenes[]

The mugshot of Edward John Kerling.

  • Jackie Rodkins' Audio Diary portrait was inspired by the mugshot of Edward John Kerling, who was part of Operation Pastorius, a failed German intelligence plan for sabotage inside the United States during World War II.
  • Jackie Rodkins was named after Jake Rodkin, host of the Idle Thumbs podcast and Designer at Telltale Games.[2]
  • His in-game corpse model uses the Toasty Splicer model.


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