James Hollcroft
Dr. Hollcroft's Pharmacy

Dr. Hollcroft's business in Skid Row.

Placebo effect. I tell ya... it's a capitalist's best friend.
― James Hollcroft[src]

Dr. James Hollcroft was a mountebank in the market of Skid Row in Pauper's Drop who set up shop in the abandoned Reliable Pharmacy. He made a fortune by selling a product he called Dr. Hollcroft's Cure-All and Pick-Me-up, claiming it to be an alternative to ADAM that could prevent problems such as "The Plasmid Blues." As it would turn out, like the other swindlers of Pauper's Drop, the closest his products got to curing anyone was a placebo effect. He referred to the effect as "...a capitalist's best friend!" His audio dairies were removed from BioShock 2, but his brand remained in the game.

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