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For the removed character in BioShock 2, see James Hollcroft.
For the character in BioShock 2, see James.
"Oh magus, you have begun thy journey. Your master's temple has fallen but his work is not yet finished…"Orrin Oscar Lutwidge

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James Millard Oakes was a former member of the United States Navy and one of the more well known citizens to disappear in The Vanishing. Oakes disappeared in 1946 when he left for Rapture.


Life in Rapture[]

Little is known of Oakes' life in Rapture. However, thanks to materials that Mark Meltzer found in the former laboratory of Orrin Oscar Lutwidge we do know that he was a supporter of Atlas and fought in the Rapture Civil War. Oakes resides in Rapture with Catherine and saved Lutwidge when he came under attack shortly after his arrival in Rapture. After this Lutwidge began calling Oakes "The White Knight", much to his bemusement. Uncertain of Lutwidge's loyalty (and his sanity), Oakes injected Lutwidge with what he called "Sinclair Sauce" (an unknown Plasmid or Gene Tonic) so that he would be indisputably "one of them".

James Millard Oakes League[]

Jmo flier

After his disappearance, a fringe right-wing group calling themselves the James Millard Oakes League emerged. This group was obsessed with various conspiracy theories linking disappearances in the Vanishing to cloak and dagger subversion on the part of the Soviet Union. Oakes became the public face of this group, appearing on their various pamphlets and newsletters.

This group is a parody of the "John Birch Society"; an anti-communist group in the 1950s named for John Birch, a United States military intelligence officer and Baptist missionary in World War II. Similarly to the James Millard Oakes league, they used Birch as their rallying figure to spread their dogma of anti-communist conspiracy theories.[1] The name "Oakes" can be seen as an obvious play on "Birch".

Audio Diary[]

There's Something in the Sea[]

Radio Message[]


"(Static) …on the surface. Does anybody hear us? Oakes, United States Navy, a distress call from (Static) things is going to hell down here, we need immediate evacuation! Does anybody read? Does anybody read?! (Static) …really anything human anymore! The last (Static) God damn, God damn it! (Clunking sound) We need immediate- GAHHHHH!"


Behind the Scenes[]

Reinhardt J

The photo of Reinhardt J. Keppler.

  • The portrait of James Millard Oakes is actually a real-world photograph of Reinhardt J. Keppler, an American navy serviceman, who perished during World War II, receiving a Medal of Honor posthumously.[2]


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