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Johan Nordhargen
Wahl caught us at it one night, called it a waste of time. I dunno. On balance, ain't it better to change what's on a screen than just to stare at it?
― Johan Mordhagen[src]

Johan Mordhagen was a citizen of Rapture employed as an engineer working for Rapture Central Computing. He was impressed by a game made by his colleagues which they named "Spitfire". He enjoyed playing the game, even if his superior Reed Wahl called it "a waste of time".[1]

Audio Diary[]

Minerva's Den[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Johan's Audio Diary portrait existed in BioShock 2's original files, but was only put into use in Minerva's Den.
  • Johan Mordhagen was named after Johnnemann Nordhagen, one of the programmers who worked on Minerva's Den.


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