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King Pawn Sign
Paupers Drop-Town Square03

The King Pawn storefront.

We pay top dollar!
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King Pawn is a pawn shop in downtown Pauper's Drop. Subject Delta needs to get his hands on a Research Camera to access the now blocked Sinclair Deluxe. To get inside the hotel, he must research a Brute Splicer.


King Pawn Poster

A poster for King Pawn.

During the economic downturn in Rapture, this shop did a brisk business in second-hand items. One customer was Rock Flanagan, a down-on-his-luck private investigator who eventually sold his Research Camera when he couldn't find work.[1]

BioShock 2Edit

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When Delta approaches the shop, a Brute Splicer attacks from the roof of the King Pawn, tossing parts of the sign. If Delta feels particularly agile with Telekinesis, he can quickly get the Brute to take a N-A-P. Unfortunately, Delta doesn't have the camera at this point.

The doors to the shop are locked, so Delta has to enter through Fontaine Clinics to get to King Pawn's roof, which happens to have a large hole in it. Inside the pawn shop, Delta will find the camera. A Splicer outside the locked door can serve the player for testing his new device. The Splicer breaks the lock on the door and Delta escapes.

King PawnEdit

The Interior of the King Pawn has a store section and counter booth. All the display stands are broken and looted in the store area, with only an EVE Hypo and some Shotgun Ammo left. By the looks on some of the frames, musical instruments were sold at some point. In the counter booth, one will find the Research Camera and a cash register. More valuable items were stored inside the booth to prevent theft. There's a button under the cash register which will open a hidden room in the wall.

Hidden RoomEdit


The pawn's secret.

The hidden room is a small area behind the wall, with a safe, a desk, and some filing cabinets. The owner of the store installed a Vita-Chamber in here for personal use.


The roof is only accessible from Fontaine Clinics and gives access to a maintenance tunnel and Luxury Rooms. A Turret guards the pathway from the clinic, and a hole in the roof leads inside the pawn. There are also two dead Splicers, one leaning on a refrigerator next to a can of Drill Fuel.

New DiscoveriesEdit

New WeaponryEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

Main street concept art

Concept art for King Pawn and Scallop Spirits.

  • Concept art for Burial at Sea - Episode 1 shows that there was an idea for locating a King Pawn on Market Street, which would have made it a chain store.
    • The storefront is depicted with the traditional pawnbroker's symbol, three spheres suspended from a bar.


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