Fitzpatrick diary picture
See young Fitzpatrick here on the stage. Use your camera. Take him as he is now, so I may remember him.
― Sander Cohen[src]

Kyle Fitzpatrick was one of Sander Cohen's disciples in Rapture. He had the misfortune of taking a rather "explosive" final piano lesson from Cohen. He is the first of four disciples that Jack needs to photograph to complete Cohen's Quadtych.


Fleet Hall Final Performance

Kyle takes center stage.

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Jack accepts Sander Cohen's invitation to the Fleet Hall; as he rides the elevator up, he hears music playing. When he encounters Fitzpatrick, the latter is plastered from the waist down to a grand piano rigged with explosives. He is forced to play Cohen's Scherzo #7 well enough to satisfy his mentor, but Cohen is displeased and demands that he continue playing until he gets it right. Eventually, Fitzpatrick gives up in frustration, which triggers the piano to explode, killing him instantly.

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Burial at Sea - Episode 1Edit

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In the downloadable content Burial at Sea - Episode 1, while not physically seen or heard, Fitzpatrick is present at Cohen's private event on the 31st of December 1958. Behind the scenes, he operates controls while Sander Cohen creates an abstract painting of two dancers. When the performers' lack of enthusiasm and overall dedication to their waltz angers Cohen, he follows his mentor's order to electrocute both of them. After Cohen enlists Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth to replace the dancers, Fitzpatrick is again commanded to electrocute them when they fail to meet Cohen's high standards.


  • "Mister Cohen, please…"
  • "I'm trying… Please…!"
  • "Oh Cohen, you sick fuck, let me out of this!"


Bioshock - Piano scene

Bioshock - Piano scene



  •  Icon mac Icon pc Icon xbox Icon ps3 In certain rare instances, if Fitzpatrick is frozen (Chemical Thrower will work better than Winter Blast) and then shattered with an instant kill (such as with the Shotgun), his body will disappear and it will be impossible to photograph him to complete the objective. An example of this result can be seen here.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Young Pablo Navarro Portrait

Fitzpatrick's misattributed photo.

  • Kyle Fitzpatrick doesn't have an Audio Diary in BioShock, so his Audio Diary portrait was left unused, but can still be found in the game files.
  • Like all of Cohen's disciples, Fitzpatrick uses the "Toasty" Splicer model.
  • The explosives on the piano are labeled TNT, yet they look like sticks of dynamite. There is a common misconception that these two explosives are one and the same, but the two aren't even related compounds.
  • The player may choose to kill Fitzpatrick before Sander Cohen does, either by shooting the dynamite on the piano or shooting Fitzpatrick himself, resulting in Cohen remarking, "Well, that was quicker than I hoped."
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